Hijas de la Historia

Isabel Revuelta Poo. Editorial Planeta

The project involved creating character illustrations for the book "Hijas de la Historia" by Isabel Revuelta Poo. The book narrates the story of ten women who played a crucial role in Mexico's history. It has been published by Editorial Planeta.

I collaborated with Eduardo Ramón Trejo, who created the backgrounds for each character.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it here
Client: Editorial Planeta
Project: Editorial illustration
2021. Mexico City



In December 2022, I collaborated with Museo KALUZ based in Mexico City, reinterpreting the nativity sculptures from the Fomento Cultural CitiBanamex collection. I created a coloring page for the visitors and also a letter to the Three Wise Men. Those materials were available in the museum and also on the website.

The materials can be downloaded at this link:
Client: Museo KALUZ
Project: Illustration
2022. Mexico City


Bellas pero no perfectas.

An illustration was commissioned to showcase the importance of beauty in all shapes and colors. As women, we often feel the need to be flawless to be accepted, but that's far from the truth and goes against the brand's vision. The illustration was applied to gift tote bags, aiming to spread the message that we are beautiful just the way we are.

Client: Palmers Mexico
Project: Illustration for social media and gift tote bags.
2023. Mexico City

14/14 For You

To celebrate Valentine's Day in 2018, I decided to create 14 illustrations of flower bouquets for 14 people/followers of my Instagram account and send them through the postal service.
Personal illustration project
2018. Mexico City


Commissioned Illustrations for Aerie Mexico to commemorate Mother’s Day on social media. 
Client: Aerie Mexico
Project: Social Media Illustrations
2023. Mexico City

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