I’m Marisol Rivera. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Mexico City.

Contact me: holaform@gmail.com

Howdy, I’m glad you came through my web.

I dedicate most of my time to creating illustrations about daily life objects, I truly enjoy being able to portray what’s around me. I also like drawing about subjects like intimacy, vulnerability, femininity, and empowerment.

I also enjoy creating mural paintings and developing branding and editorial design projects.

Some of my clients include:

Prada, Nike, Jo Malone, Architectural Digest, Nickelodeon, Le Pain Quotidien, Secret Deodorants, Rappi, Bonafont, Editorial Planeta, among others.

If you like my work I hope to hear from you soon and collaborate.

La Maldición del Faraón. Begoña Flores - Editorial El Naranjo
Hijas de la Historia. Isabel Revuelta Poo - Editorial Planeta
Juega como Niña. Marion Reimers - Editorial Planeta
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